Your opportunity to support healthcare and emergency services workers! 

Healthcare and emergency services workers are experiencing much higher levels of anxiety, workplace stress, burnout, staff shortages, and communication breakdowns than ever before. This is having a significant flow on effect to their families, home life and their mental wellbeing. With the aim of contributing to a solution to the many challenges our workforce is facing, Healthcare Heartbeat unites a range of businesses who can offer mental health and wellbeing services tailored for healthcare and emergency services workers. These businesses are part of the growing 'Pulse Network' and understand the unique challenges that this workforce experiences, particularly as shift‑workers who frequently put their own health and needs infront of their own. The 'Pulse Network' is a gift that keeps giving, with more services to be added in coming weeks and beyond...

Can you support this vital workforce?

Make a one off donation towards enabling healthcare & emergency services workers to access mental health & well‑being initiatives through Healthcare Heartbeat.

Become a corporate partner of Healthcare Heartbeat.

Provide in‑kind access to your services or products, or explore becoming a Pulse Provider.

Corporate Partnership Program

Healthcare Heartbeat's Partnerships Program offers a variety of ways for organisation, families and individuals to partner with us to develop unique and mutually beneficial campaigns. We pride ourselves on working closely on projects that are tailored specifically to align with your objectives and corporate social responsibility values. Healthcare Heartbeat is ready to meet with you to discuss mutually beneficial collaborations.

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Supporting Healthcare Heartbeat

Healthcare Heartbeat has become the first organisation in Australia to collaborate with like‑minded individuals, charities, businesses ‑ joining forces to enable our healthcare and emergency services workers to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Through Healthcare Heartbeat, healthcare and emergency services workers can access a range of mental fitness training, self‑development courses, career development, coaching, fitness sessions, retreats, overseas nursing placements, accommodation getaways, and meal delivery services.

Healthcare Heartbeat is a subsidiary of World Youth International Aust Ltd which is a DGR approved organisation. All donations and support packages will be fully tax deductible. World Youth International (WYI) is an Australian registered charity founded in 1988 that has offered training, development and overseas nursing placements for over 34 years.

Healthcare Heartbeat supports the vision of World Youth International by advancing health here in Australia. We have dedicated our skills and knowledge to the healthcare sector, ensuring we are the perfect organisation to drive Healthcare Heartbeat and work towards solutions to support the healthcare crisis. We are a well‑connected within the healthcare space, and have a digital network of over 80K healthcare professionals, as well as a widespread and devoted community on a global scale. Supporting Healthcare Heartbeat will not only support a nation of essential workers, you will be helping counteract one of the greatest crises in modern history.

Give back to our healthcare and emergency services workers!