• Outdoor Bootcamp

    This program promotes a sense of inclusion, ensuring that regardless of fitness levels, all participants will always be included and encouraged to contribute towards team objectives.

  • Food Delivery Service

    FoodSt meals are a convenient and nutritious way to ensure workers have healthy meals to support energy levels, increased workloads, and longer shifts. Their ready‑made meals are also a great way to encourage healthy eating amongst the family, when time is limited for grocery shopping, meal‑planning and cooking. Choose between 5 or 10 home delivered meals. Available to participants in SA, NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD from FoodSt

  • Wellness Pamper Gift

    This carefully curated Wellness Hamper aims to heal the mind and body. Not only do these wellness hampers come with South Australian locally sourced beauty products, but also a delicious melting-moment sweet treat. A perfect 'pick me up' for yourself, a colleague, friend, or family member. Curated and Delivered with love by Edible Blooms.

  • LIFE: Low Impact Functional Exercise Sessions

    2 sessions per week, are designed for beginner fitness levels, individuals with injuries and those just looking for a fun, safe workout to improve strength and weight management.

  • Wellness Gift Package

    This Wellness Gift Package is the perfect 'pick me up' to treat yourself, a colleague, or a friend. It is the perfect relaxation gift for some down time, self-care, for someone simply feeling stressed. This also features a bright beautiful hand-crafted paper flower that features a delicious Chocolatier creamy heart chocolate. Available Nation wide. Curated and Delivered with love by Edible Blooms.

  • Cacao Ceremonial Journey

    A Cacao Ceremony is a 2.5 hour self care experience to release built up stress and heaviness in the mind, spirit and body. It is a safe space to learn how to acknowledge uncomfortable feelings with more acceptance and self-compassion.

  • Reflect, Reset & Renew Program

    An online 2 hour group coaching experience tailored for healthcare and emergency services workers to use as a starting point to check in with their self‑care and explore options for cultivating a greater sense of wellbeing.

  • Wellness Retreat - 3 or 4 Days

    Tailored Wellness Retreats allow participants to disconnect from your everyday environment and reconnect back to yourself. Our Wellness Retreats combine spiritual practices, spending time in nature, healing modalities and spending time with a like-minded community to increase mental health, confidence and general well-being.

  • Allied Health Strength & Conditioning Package

    Enhance your performance and reduce injuries with the help of the physiotherapy team at Altairas Health and Wellbeing Centre with 5 x physiotherapy sessions for the following services; Soft tissue massage, Trigger point therapy, Dry needling, Spinal mobilisations and manipulations, Sports taping, Gait analysis, Dynamic and functional assessment, Return to sport injury management, Tailored fitness programs, Rehabilitation plans. Available to SA participants. Facilitated by Altaira Health and Wellbeing team.

  • Find Your Centre Half Day Retreat

    A 'Find Your Centre' Half Day Retreat is a 4-5 hour break out of your everyday environment to balance your energy, find more inner peace and stillness in your everyday life with different experiences and modalities to de-stress, reflect, and reset your mind and body.

  • Virtual Workout LIFE: Low Impact Functional Exercise - 8 Sessions

    Enjoy the mental health benefits of being able to exercise no matter where you are with a Virtual Workout Session facilitated by a qualified professional that can tailor a program to individual requirements.