Since January 2020, we have all witnessed some of the most inspiring acts of selflessness from our frontline healthcare workers. Time and time again they put the health and well‑being of their patients above their own needs. Our healthcare workers are feeling exhausted, burnt out and in need of a break, so we have created a platform that acknowledges their services to Australia and rewards them for their efforts.

Simply imagine for a moment the joy you would bring to a family or a small nursing team by opening your heart and home. The cost to you will be minimal and the returns would be immeasurable. By joining this program, frontline workers would feel supported, they would get a chance to recharge their batteries and most importantly, get to spend time with loved ones. The formula is simple; let them know we care!

How it works

Simply register below on our website to start the process.  You will be required to upload a property overview, photos, location details and a date that people can book your property for free. Your pending application will be approved by our team and added to our site. Once your nominated free stay has been used, you will have the option to continue advertising on our site and enjoy the benefits of real time bookings. 

The Benefits

Frontline workers who have been issued a sponsorship package will be issued tokens to spend on our site. This will include tokens to spend on accommodation getaways. We will encourage you to promote your property on our site all year round and once a client has selected their preferred holiday getaway, we will put our client in touch with you to confirm their booking details. Once an agreement has been reached, Healthcare Heartbeat will arrange the payments on the client’s behalf. 

Your donated stay to a frontline healthcare worker is fully tax deductible!  Upon request, Healthcare Heartbeat will issue you with a receipt so you can claim your charitable donation.