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Across Australia, untreated mental health symptoms have led to health professionals having a 30% higher risk of suicide than people in other occupations. One‑fifth of Australia’s registered nurses say they intend to leave their current role in the next year.

For healthcare organisations, high employee turnover rates are a burden on finances and resources. Turnover costs include the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, as well as the cost of temporarily filling staffing gaps with expensive contract workers. There’s also the cost of reduced productivity as managers shift much of their attention to hiring and as new hires get up to speed. A less tangible—but still significant—turnover cost is lower employee morale as those who remain work harder to fill gaps for less pay than contract workers hired to provide temporary coverage.

Creating positive practice environments enhances healthcare workers retention and facilitates quality patient care.

Everyone ‘fills their cup’ in different ways. While one person may benefit from an online mindfulness or mental fitness training session, another may prefer a guided nature walk or need to get the endorphins flowing with a boot‑camp on the beach. One team member may feel the love with a  ‘pick me up’ self‑care package, and another ‑ a simple break from cooking.

Healthcare Heartbeat's 'Pulse Network' is made up of a range of reputable businesses and accredited programs, which have been specially selected as we recognise that 'not one size fits all' when it comes to the sustainable wellbeing of our workforce.

Explore the Pulse Network: time to invest in you or your team's wellbeing!

We have united businesses who offer mental health and wellbeing services tailored for healthcare and emergency services workers. These businesses are part of the growing 'Pulse Network' and understand the unique challenges that this workforce experiences.

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Our Pulse Network is the gift that keeps on giving, with more products added in coming weeks and beyond.

Your Pulse Membership gives your team access to programs and products that can help boost morale, increase retention rates, equip team members with tools to better manage stress and anxiety, and empower them to thrive. 

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Pulse Memberships can be purchased to suit your team requirements and budget. By purchasing a Pulse Membership, your team can gain access to these services and products all via the one platform. You can provide a unique offering for your team, showing them that you are invested in their mental health and wellbeing. You will have access to a mental health worker who can guide you through the programs and what is best suited for your team. Get in contact with one of our dedicated representatives to view the catalogue, determine how many tokens you need, and explore your Pulse Membership options.

The flow‑on effect of strengthening an aged care worker’s mental fitness is that it can also improve the quality of resident care they deliver, boost morale, and improve retention rates. We have chosen to partner with Healthcare Heartbeat to deliver Altaira Wellness Grants and other wellbeing initiatives to enable our nursing cohort to develop preventative measures and tools that will help them over the long‑term."

- Jelena Giro, Director, Altaira

Seeing first‑hand how healthcare and emergency services workers display care and professionalism is always an inspiration, but it has been an exceptionally difficult few years and we are all feeling the impact far and wide. This is an opportunity to give back to healthcare workers across Australia, and encourage others to also invest into the mental fitness and wellbeing of this valuable workforce.

- Georgie Blundell, CEO, Sana Health Group

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