Sana Health Group’s Fundraising Campaign

Sana Health Group raising funds to improve the mental health and wellness of healthcare workers

Georgie Blundell, CEO of the Sana Health Group, will be embarking on a trip of a lifetime, climbing Mont Blanc in the French Alps this June to raise funds and awareness for charity Healthcare Heartbeat. Funds raised will go towards enabling healthcare workers to receive mental health and wellness support through Healthcare Heartbeat initiatives. 

Sana Health Group is an Australasian leader in behavioural health. Their mission is to support more people towards a better future. Sana brings together leading providers in the areas of prevention and treatment for addiction, mental health, and eating disorders.

Georgie has an extensive background in the operational management of large multi‑site clinical businesses. She has an expert clinical background in rehabilitating clients with catastrophic brain and spinal injuries and has worked both in Australia and in Europe. She is an avid adventurer recently summiting Kilimanjaro, and trekking to Everest Base Camp, and has a passion for her family, running trails and the outdoor lifestyle.

Georgie was inspired to commit to this feat because every day, she interacts with healthcare workers at the Sana treatment centres and recognises how they are so focused on purpose.

Seeing first‑hand how healthcare and emergency services workers display care, professionalism, and discretionary effort is always an inspiration, but it has been an exceptionally difficult few years and we are all feeling the impact far and wide. This is an opportunity that I can give back to nurses, healthcare and emergency services workers across Australia, and encourage others to also invest into the mental fitness and wellbeing of this valuable workforce.

- Georgie Blundell, CEO, Sana Health Group

Why Healthcare Heartbeat?

Healthcare and emergency services workers are experiencing much higher levels of anxiety, workplace stress, burnout, and communication breakdowns than ever before. This is having a significant flow on effect to their families, home life and their mental wellbeing. Healthcare Heartbeat unites businesses who offer mental health and wellbeing services tailored for healthcare and emergency services workers.

Your support will enable healthcare and emergency services workers to take part in Healthcare Heartbeat mental fitness and wellbeing programs. The flow on effects of strengthening a healthcare worker’s mental fitness is that it can also improve the quality of patient care they deliver, boost workplace morale, and improve retention rates – this effects the wider communit.

Your Contribution

The need to prioritise wellbeing as a core way in which we work and live is relevant now more than ever as healthcare workers report experiencing increasing levels of anxiety and burnout with the flow‑on effect adversely impacting families and life outside of work. We recognise that our wellbeing is inextricably linked to our sense of life satisfaction, the quality of our relationships and our capacity to fulfill our potential. At Healthcare Heartbeat we are committed to providing science‑based programs that support our healthcare workers to thrive – that is to be AND feel their best. 

Many workers are at breaking point and energy reserves are at an all‑time low. This is having a significant impact across sectors. If we don’t take a stand and get behind our healthcare workers now, then who will?

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Donations are fully tax deductible: Healthcare Heartbeat, World Youth International ABN 52060813541.

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    Sana Health Group is raising funds to improve the mental health and wellness of healthcare workers.